Prioritise Your Well-Being with The Immersive and Interactive Wellness Experience Designed for Everyone

The platform offers users a way to take a quick break from their daily routine and get moving, without the need for any special equipment or gear.
Prioritise Your Well-Being with The Immersive and Interactive Wellness Experience Designed for Everyone
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In today’s fast-paced world, where our lives are constantly intertwined with technology, finding the right mentor or coach to help us navigate through our personal and professional challenges can be a daunting task. Enter , a revolutionary platform that helps connect users with top-notch coaches from around the world., a meditation and movement platform, is more than the average run-of-the-mill wellness platform. This innovative space taps into four key emotions: joyfu l confidence , centre , energy , and focus . offers users a range of two-minute short breaks that can be accessed during work or school hours. Each mood is designed to help users feel better and experience different movements in their bodies.

The platform further helps users find a way to take a two-minute microbreak from their daily routine and get moving, without the need for any special equipment or gear. To achieve the best possible results, users can begin by selecting a suitable mood, then move away from their desktops or laptops and follow the instructions in the guide. The platform’s interface is swift and easy to use, enabling users to set reminders and view history. These microbreaks can also be sent to teammates as gifts. The platform allows users to launch a team challenge and even take a break together in meetings, thus making it accessible for users across all ages and fitness levels.

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Your newsletter subscriptions are subject to AIM Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. provides a stunning combination of immersive visuals and a captivating sound experience to its users. By leveraging the use of AI and immersive sound along with features like body tracking, the platform creates a uniquely engaging experience for its users. The dynamic visuals that offers its users also help enhance interactivity on the platform.

According to Melissa Painter , Founder, of, the idea behind the platform was to create a tool that would help people navigate the challenges of their daily lives by offering them quick and easy ways to shift their moods and get their bodies moving.

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Easy hack to boost confidence

According to Painter, there are easy hacks to boost confidence before an interview or a presentation and to find joy on a busy day without depending on stimulants such as tea, chocolate, or coffee. “For example,” Painter suggests, “If you are looking for ways to achieve these goals, the mood categories in our platform have been specifically designed to help you attain the emotional state you desire”.

To achieve this, the team relies on the expertise of movement designers, who have over 325 years of experience between them in creative movement practices such as Aikido, yoga, and dance. “As we speak, our platform is being used by over 39,000 organisations in 72 countries,” shares Painter, “People from all walks of life, especially during their workday, are leveraging our platform to find joy and energy to power through their tasks”. Highlighting another layer to the success of, she believes that it evidently indicates that people the world over are stressed and tired at work. The platform, she claims, is designed to help users feel “unstuck” when they’re experiencing mental blockage or creative stagnation.

Aha! Moment

The name was chosen to represent those moments when users feel like they’re breaking through a mental barrier or experiencing an ‘Aha!’ moment. What also sets apart from other wellness platforms is its keen focus on the mind-body connection. The platform’s expertly designed movements help users work on a range of motions and balance, in addition to their mental state. The team behind observed that people were most drawn to joyful and energetic moods, which further led them to conclude that people were actively seeking ways to increase their energy levels and manage stress.

One of the key features of is its ability to help combat the ill effects of prolonged sitting, which has been linked to a much higher risk of early death for women who sit for over six hours a day. However, the platform is not limited to those who sit for long periods. It offers movements to help individuals who are on their feet all day and require short breaks to recharge and practice self-care.

According to Painter, it is common knowledge that sitting for long periods is not good for their health , but they may not fully understand the repercussions. “This is an important topic to consider, as sitting for long hours can be really detrimental to your health,” warns Painter. However, there are also professionals like nurses, who may not sit enough due to the nature of their job and are constantly on the move. “Despite this, they still require short breaks to engage in self-care and recharge,” Painter said.

Privacy Matters

To add to its accomplishments, takes privacy very seriously. According to Painter, users have the right to their history and can modify or delete their data. Management teams and individuals accessing that data can only look at aggregated anonymous data, with no non-anonymised data being shared back.’s key point of difference lies in its ability to deliver immersive and interactive wellness experiences, as opposed to merely tracking users’ habits and movements. The platform is designed to be a teaching tool that will grow and change over time, learning with the user as they progress.

The platform is available via Slack, Google Home, and Microsoft Teams, and is designed to be integrated into the users’ workspace. recognises that well-being tools are often thought of as individual betterment tools, with the assumption that they are only for those who have the time or money to invest in themselves. However, the company believes that wellness tools are needed by everyone, especially those not great at taking care of themselves. By integrating its platform into the workplace, hopes to encourage individuals to prioritise their well-being and make self-care an essential part of their day.

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