7 Most-Stylish Tech Leaders of Silicon Valley [Part 2]

As promised, here is Part-2 with the best-dressed women in tech
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In Part-1, we saw the big boys of Silicon Valley falling over each other, trying to create a signature style of their own. Think premium black leather jackets, sharp business suits, over-the-top cowboy hats, customised grey t-shirts, sunglasses, polo t-shirts in pastel colours, and snazzy shoes.

Moving on to form-flattering V-neck dresses, pencil skirts, sleek jewellery, blazers, floral shirts and killer stilettos  — the women in tech sure know how to make a statement both in and out of the boardroom. Today, we bring to you the seven most-influential women tech leaders who are acing the fashion game. So, whether you’re a techie looking to up your fashion game or just someone in need of inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

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Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer , the co-founder of software company Sunshine and former president of Yahoo, is widely recognised as a fashion icon in the workplace. She is a valued customer of luxury fashion brands, such as Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen , and has expressed to the LA Times the importance of showcasing that being an engineer does not require sacrificing one’s sense of femininity.

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Mayer is known for her distinctive dressing style, which includes gorgeous gowns for special occasions and vibrant patterned dresses paired with cardigans for more casual occasions. Additionally, she favours fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, and Jonathan Saunders.

Sheryl Sandberg: Former chief operating officer of Meta Sheryl Sandberg is recognised for her bias for V-neck jackets, dresses and light shrugs. The tech billionaire dresses pragmatically, opting for clothing that conveys power, experience, and superiority, akin to her male colleagues during important occasions.

Although not much is known about the brands she prefers, Sandberg favours body-hugging dresses, heels of moderate height , and solid colours in the blue-red-purple spectrum, while abstaining from yellow, pink, and patterns, and only adorns herself with her collection of classy earrings as far as jewellery is concerned.

Susan Wojcicki: Former YouTube chief Susan Wojicicki’s fashion style is anything but boring. Showcasing her refined fashion sense, she combines classic pieces such as leather jackets, blazers, shift dresses, and pencil skirts in bold colours with striking jewellery. Her attire is always tasteful and well-fitted. Dabbling in both high-end designer wear and the affordable ones, Wojcicki presents a sophisticated, professional, and elegant style with a playful touch from her use of bold colours and statement accessories.

Padmasree Warrior : Indian-American founder and chief of software development firm Fable, Padmasree Warrior has always been vocal about the gender disparity within the industry and how it restricts individuals to conform to a common style of attire, namely jeans and hoodies. She has previously spoken about a stereotype that suggests that technically-proficient individuals cannot or should not dress well, for if they do, they would risk appearing to be incompetent.

However, the Spotify veteran has chosen to disregard this notion and embrace her own unique style. She effortlessly carries herself in a range of attires, from floral summer dresses to traditional silk sarees, and colourful pantsuits, all while maintaining an air of elegance. Additionally, Warrior possesses a stunning collection of stylish and sophisticated jewellery that adds to her overall appearance.

Anjali Sud: Joining the likes of Warrior, we have another successful Indian techie, Anjali Sud , the chief executive officer of Vimeo, who is known for her girl-next-door sartorial choices. Her signature look comprises a middle parting of the hair often left loose and pantsuits in an array of colours, from soft pink to a rich brown. However, she doesn’t limit herself to pantsuits and enjoys experimenting with short floral dresses and traditional Indian clothing as well.

Safra Catz: The chief of Oracle , Safra Ada Catz is a powerhouse in the boardroom, and her unique style too, is all about power. She exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication with her tailored suits and dresses that are always perfectly fitted. She uses muted hues like navy, grey, and black, combining them with sleek jewellery like a pearl necklace or hoop earrings — and there, she has everyone’s attention.

Mira Murati: The final member of our league is OpenAI’s chief technology officer Mira Murati . Another fan of leather jackets like Jensen Huang, Murati keeps it casual with her predominately white and beige tops. Although not much is known about the brands she chooses, Murati can be mostly spotted in nude lip shades and subtle make-up.

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