Data Engineering Summit 2023 returns to Bangalore for Second Edition

Analytics India Magazine has announced the launch of the second edition of the Data Engineering Summit (DES23), India’s only conference on data engineering.
Data Engineering Summit 2023 returns to Bangalore for Second Edition
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Analytics India Magazine has announced the launch of the second edition of the Data Engineering Summit (DES23) , India’s only conference on data engineering. The two-day in-person event is slated to be held on April 27 and 28 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Bengaluru.

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After the runaway success of the last edition , DES23 is once again ready to focus on the advancements made in the field of data engineering while giving attendees a chance to interact with top engineers & innovators from leading tech companies. With over 700 attendees from startups, notable brands and institutions in the ecosystem, the conference will comprise tech talks, workshops and panel discussions around data transformation, data insights, data lakes, data strategies, data training and governance.

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This range of talks by expert innovators will cover talks on the software deployment architecture of ML systems and how to produce the latest data frameworks, frameworks and solutions for business use cases.

As the scope for AI/ML grows in enterprises, the responsibilities of data engineers also grow. DES23 is a rare chance for data engineers to take home applicable skills for building data pipelines, understanding BI platforms and the best practices that put the pieces together for data scientists to be able to see the big picture.

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While the summit revolves around data engineers, it is open to all members of the data science community. Developers, technical leaders, data architects, CTOs and CIOs, and data analysts looking for a window to network or engage in discussions are welcome to DES.

Where: Hotel Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

When: April 27-28, 2023 (Thursday & Friday)

What to Expect from DES23

– Tech Talks :

The latest edition of DES will have over 30 speakers from nearly 400 tech companies. Covering the tracks and themes of DES, participants will be able to attend in-depth technical sessions around the challenges of integrating data science into business decision-making, the importance of ethics while designing intelligent AI models and the significance of combining disciplines like DataOps, MLOps and XOps.

The talks intend to offer attendees specialised knowledge, leadership skills and inspiration to shape their careers in an ever-evolving field.

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– Awards and Nominations:

The awards presented at DES23 recognise teams pushing the boundaries in data-driven job roles and developing cutting-edge solutions. These awards offer data engineers, scientists and analysts a chance to connect with and showcase their work in front of prominent professionals in the field.

The categories include:

  • The award for data engineering transformation
  • The award for data engineering democratisation
  • The award for data engineering visionary
  • The award for data engineering good
  • The award for data engineering disruption

– Registration and tickets:

Attendees of DES23 will have access to all sessions and workshops. In addition, there will be a conference lunch held on both days. Group discounts will be applicable. The schedule for the event, along with the list of speakers, will be announced soon. Watch this space for more details.

– Workshops :

The summit will also have hands-on workshops at both introductory and advanced levels conducted by some of the best minds in the discipline. The workshops will broadly explore real-world business use cases, and effective practices, appraise new projects and look at the challenges in data engineering workflows.

– Mentoring sessions:

DES has also arranged for 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with seasoned industry veterans. Attendees can delve into topics at length while having technical and career-related questions answered by data engineering experts. Mentoring sessions are an up-close opportunity for participants to upskill themselves and grasp the fine details in MLOps and data engineering.

Keynotes, mentoring sessions and workshops will cover areas of interest, including:

  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)
  • Experimentation to production
  • Data fabric
  • Data provenance & governance
  • Building the data stack for operational ML
  • Model calibration
  • Intelligence real-time ML systems

– Hiring Hackathon:

DES23 will also host the Great Indian Data Engineering Hackathon in collaboration with MachineHack, a leading hackathon and competitive coding platform for ML developers. Held exclusively for data engineers, the hiring hackathon is mutually beneficial for both – it will give participants a chance to be interviewed by some of the most important companies in the industry while also allowing businesses to engage with the best talent.

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